EP Coming Soon!

2013-01-21 10:49:21 by 757irish

So I've realized that much (if not all) of my fan base on NG has moved on considering I've been very busy and havent really put any tracks out for the past two years. Well I would like to tell those who are still listening that I will be releasing an EP soon. I do not have a release date but I can tell you it will be finished by the end of the year. I'm going for about 4-6 original tracks and 2 remixes. The EP also does not have a name but i will update this once I organize myself a bit more. Anyway I have already posted a Demo of one of the tracks from the EP so feel free to check it out and enjoy.

Break from Music

2010-01-29 19:42:01 by 757irish

Hey guys ive been taking a long break from music for awhile to get my future career in order and im still waiting on my new comp. but ill be back in another month or so. but then i leave in September for boot camp. YAY!!!!! not really

New Collab Team!

2009-10-21 10:27:08 by 757irish

Hey guys. Me and Rawrthaas A.K.A. Awake have decided to start a collab team so we created a new profile. its Awake.757irish. All new music coming soon and not to mention better than ever!!! anyway i hope you can check it out. were almost done with our first song. -757irish

lawler blades

2008-12-19 16:50:43 by 757irish

im 757irish and i come from the land of vb i make music and party